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This morning I was leaving my building, trash bags in hand, mind still foggy from sleep, when I realized… I had mail! The prize prints from selenaguardis-art's poll/giveaway were waiting for me in the building's lobby and let me say THEY’RE SO PRETTY! I knew her work from before thanks to tumblr, but now I’m actually following her and you should totally do so too - her stuff’s really wonderful!

My best friend stole took eleventh’s one for himself, and my boyfriend and I are still discussing where to hang the rest of them, but I just wanted to share the lovely art and the thrill that’s finding you got mail from Germany (honestly I felt like a 10yo taking out the trash and jumping around with the envelope).

Anónimo asked:

Hola nonnie! Me gustaría preguntarte si sabes como hacer un pa para un foro... -sea interactivo o no. Ya que la verdad,no se darle realismo a mis mapas ;u_u; Y me suena que en SC colgaste algún tuto pero es posible que esté equivocada,y Google no me ayuda nada hoy e.e Gracias

Sssé cómo hacerlo, hay varios métodos (algunos más “correctos” que otros), pero la verdad es que no tengo tiempo de sentarme a hacer un tuto sobre ello/armar uno custom ahora mismo. Aquí te dejo lo primero que me salió al googlear “html online mapping”, pero no tengo idea de si es bueno o malo, o tiempo para testearlo:

Si al mismo texto le agregas tutorial seguramente encuentres algo que te sirva (;

¡Suerte, Nonnie!

I’ve been tagged by maderilien! :) (good questions! it was a lot of fun)

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Mader’s questions: 

1. Which fantasy creature would you like to have as a house pet?

A (friendly) manticore

2. Which of the four basic tastes do you like most?

Saltiness, but I’m no fan of over-salting foods. I just prefer salty stuff.

3. Would you live closer to the Equator or closer to the Pole?

Mmm Poles.

4. Do you enjoy travelling long distances?

As long as I have books with me, yes :)

5. How big is your ideal family, if one at all?

Me and my partner, and there it ends.

6. Do you remember details better or is it the big picture which stays with you?


7. Theory or practice?


8. What did you want to be when you were a child?

A detective/paleontologist

9. Which point of view is your favourite in stories?

Witness third person, although Tolkien’s omniprescent third person is quite nice.

10. Which fictional character do you think you resemble most?

Uhmm I like to think I’m a bit like Walter from Fringe - hard to understand or follow sometimes, cause I’m bad at expressing myself; methodic and ritualistic; and probably a bit crazy.

11. Are you learning any foreign language right now? Which one?

Not really, but I’d really like to get back on german if I had the time :)

My questions:

  1. Favourite form of art (either to admire or to create)?
  2. What’s the best food you can cook?
  3. Do you have a religion or belief of preference? if so, wich one?
  4. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?
  5. What fandoms are you in?
  6. Do you have any self-defence or survival skills?
  7. Who’s your favourite fictional character and why?
  8. Can you think of any circumstance under wich you’d kill someone?
  9. Do you have any pets? If so, state species, name and something that makes him/her special
  10. Are you patient?
  11. Favourite reading position?

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Anónimo asked:

¡Hola! Me preguntaba si podrías ayudarme con un diseño sobre un foro de HP. Soy un negado en todo eso y necesito a alguien y me han recomendado mucho acudir a ti. Si la respuesta es sí te dejo encantado mi facebook, skype o correo, lo que prefieras.

Lo lamento nonnie, pero no puedo ;( De veras que la uni me está consumiendo la vida de a poquito. ¡Suerte con el proyecto de todos modos!

Anónimo asked:

¡Hola Pyrite! Bueno quería decirte que siempre has sido mi diseñadora favorita por la red desde que empecé a aprender un poquito de esto y que hace poco he descubierto que SC ha cerrado. La verdad es que lo siento mucho ya que los tutoriales, en especial los de Oyuki y los tuyos, me ayudaron muchísimo para todo lo que hice. Por eso recuerdo que tenían un módulo chulísimo que se llamaba "cool display", si no recuerdo mal. Y me gustaría utilizarlo. ¿Sigues dispuesta a proporcionar códigos? *

Ayy nonnie, gracias y me alegro que los tutos te hayan servido en su momento. Me encantaría tener el tiempo para rearmar esos códigos (porque no guardé ninguno) y dejarlos a disposición de la gente, pero la verdad es que no lo tengo de momento.

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I was tagged by: partiallycanadian the Glorious


Name: Julia

Birthday: March the 18th

Favorite colours: blue

Lucky Numbers: 8

Height: eh 1,68mts?

Talents: Mmm I can draw decently and find solutions to problems rather quickly.

Last dream you remember: There was a zombie outbreak and I was at my dad’s (to whom i havent talked to in years). We died because he was too stupid to have a zombie-proof home.

Can you juggle: No way, I’m terrible with that kind of things.

Art/sports/both: Art.

Do you like writing: Yes, but I’m not any good at it.

Do you like dancing: Only when there’s no one around and I have lots of stuff to do around the house.

Do you like singing: I love to sing but I’m terrible at it. I do it unconciously sometimes, tho, wich is horrible, cause from time to time I do it in public.


Dream vacation: My every year’s vacation is my dream vacation. Tiny town near the beach with forests and no buildings or concrete at all (by law).

Dream guy/girl: I think my boyfriend pretty much fits the thing. Creative, with a special love for developing systems.

Dream Wedding: Uhm I don’t really give marriage a lot of importance.

Dream pet: PORCUPINE.

Dream job: Video game development, either as system analist or programmer.

Favorite song: Eh I can’t really pick one so I’ll go with the first one that comes to my mind; From the Beggining by EL&P.

Favorite Album: Same as before, uhmm maybe The Human Equation by Ayreon?

Last song you heard on the radio: I don’t listen to the radio.

Least favorite song: I’ll quote partiallycanadian on this one; "I don’t hate any specifically but I strongly dislike dubstep because each song sounds exactly the same as the others."

Least favorite Album: My last roommate had a thing for playing Madonna’s Greatest Hits every sunday at the same hour for hours, so, take a guess.

Least favorite Artist: Again, I’ll steal my favourite partial canadian’s answer and go with Justin Bieber.


Guys/girls/both: Guys I think? Never really gave it much thought, but I’ve always been with guys.

Hair colour: Dark colours

Eye colour: Gray because NUMENOREANS ARE HOT OK

Humorous/serious: Middle point?

Taller/shorter: Again, quote: “It doesn’t matter now does it?”

Biggest turn-off: Uhm i honestly don’t know.

Biggest turn-on: Again, dont know.

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